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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

How does it work?

For your dreams

Everyone has dreams, they can be small or big, dreams are consist of small goals, Mindset can help you break down the goals into steps, achieving your goals step by step and then you can reach your dreams.

Good habit builder

Mindset can help you build up good habits like do exercise, drink enough water every day, read books and so on. Also can help you get away from bad habits like smoking, drinking, eat too many junk food, etc.

Motivate your life

Everyone dreams about places to see, people to meet, and things to do in their lifetime. But too often we lose sight of those dreams and get buried in everyday busyness and demands.

Build and organize your knowledge

You can save ideas in your own personal profile and build your own hub of facts, skills, quotes, information and ideas that matter to you.  Search and filter your ideas and articles by recent, oldest or most popular and organise your knowledge into personalised stashes, which are basically collections of insights stocked up and ready to go for when you need them: a Powerpoint presentation, a new job interview, a date, a project at work, or negotiating your rent with the landlord.

  • Learn new things and become a better, smarter you.
  • No ads. No distractions. 100% Free.
  • Personalized content & feed.
  • Content & articles that matter to you.

Good Ideas Matter

You are your thoughts. It’s our goal to help you become more inspired, wiser and productive, through bite-sized ideas.

Good for your Career


Define your long term vision, set up your action plan and choose your good habits.


Following your progress on the Home page helps you stay motivated and focus on what remains to be done.


Get access to our coaching library: 7 or 21-day programs, podcasts and videos with leading experts, inspiring user stories.


All along your self-help journey, Mindset supports you with cheerful reminders and motivating quotes to help you reach your well being goals.


This is a well put together app. You may at times need to read the entire article to extract more information because at times there are some hidden gems there that weren't picked up by the app as an idea. This can be easily accessible after you click a new article within the app and click on the link of the website. Excellent app to engage with each morning.
Karlby Canopin
1 Month Ago