History Of The Somers Cove Yacht Club

As Told By Bob Jones, August 15, 2002


  It all started when Lake Scott, Charlie Mac and Eddie Trainor got together on one of their boats and thought a Yacht Club would be a way to get slip holders together for some fun. They placed an announcement in the Crisfield Times, inviting people to meet and talk about establishing such a club. That first meeting took place at the Tawes Museum in October of 1991 with about 20 people in attendance. A discussion led by Charlie Mac led to a lot of good suggestions and a core of people to do the needed work. That first group of people decided that there was interest and suggested a flyer be sent to all slip holders to see if there was even more boat owners interested in joining this initial group at a meeting in November. Since there was no money, Meg and Bob Jones agreed to advance the money to produce and mail that first flyer which was written and sent by Terry Rawly (the Marina Manager). Terry also put the first yearbook together in 1992.


  In November, a second meeting was held, with a much larger group in attendance. It was decided to call the club the Somers Cove Yacht Club, to differentiate it from the old Crisfield Yacht Club. Two committees were formed; “Bylaws”, chaired by Bob Jones, with Charlie Mac and Foster Rathbone, and “Finance”, chaired by Bill Hooper. A December meeting was scheduled to hear the reports from the two committees. A 50/50 raffle at the end of that second meeting raised needed funds with some of the proceeds going to repay Bob and Meg.


  At the December 1991 meeting, the bylaws were presented and approved; the dues structure was negotiated and set at $42.50; and a slate of officers was presented and voted into office. After a brief discussion and, to act as an incentive to get people to pay their dues quickly, it was decided that there would be a $25 initiation fee, which would be waived for members who paid the $42.50 by Jan. 1, 1992. Those members who did pay by that date would carry the additional title of Charter Member.


  The first social event was set as a January cocktail party at the museum, with everyone bringing their own liquor and a snack to share. By February 1992, the first year’s calendar of events was mailed to all members. It included an Oyster Party on March 28th, a Fishing Contest that started on May 1st, one day that included a General Membership Meeting, a Blessing of the Fleet, and an Equipment Swap Meet, all on May 9th. The Club’s first overnight cruise to Onancock on May 16th has now become a Club Tradition that has endured for a decade. That first calendar had 27 events schedule on or to start on 26 different days over the 12 months of our first year, including four cruises.


  The club was incorporated as a not-for-profit on August 15, 1992 and has had hundreds and hundreds of boating families as members over the past 10 years. The club is well known up and down the Chesapeake and it’s annual Crab Derby Cocktail party has become a must attend event by other yacht clubs visiting the Somers Cove Marina. With the strong working partnership we have with the marina, we truly provide and organization that…. Encourages the sport of yachting and boating…. And social relations among the membership.